What is Monero?

Monero is a secure, private and untraceable cryptocurrency. It accomplishes this by obfuscating and encrypting transactions beyond recognition, while allowing you to discreetly view and manage your assets. You can also prove your transactions to a third party if necessary.

What is mining and why should I be interested?

Cryptocurrencies achieve decentralisation via a process called mining. When new transactions are created, they need to be validated. Miners compete with each other to validate a group of transactions(a.k.a. block). The winning miner is paid a block reward and collects transaction fees for the work carried out. Block rewards are also how new coins are generated and help regulate the economy of the currency.

How do I start mining?

You can start mining today if you have a computer or a mobile through our website. Monero can be mined with the CPU power of your computer. You don’t need to install any software, simply need a wallet and create an account with us. So easy.

Register your account and read Getting Started for more details.

What is pool mining?

Mining on a small scale, by your own, it becomes extremely hard and unpredictable to earn a stable profit on your mining income. Pool mining gives you an opportunity to join a group of miners and miners can share earnings to get a consistent payout. We used a preconfigurated Pool mining, You don’t need to worry about it.

How can I get profits?

Mining can be profitable depending on the conditions involved. Your primary cost is your electricity and the cost of your hardware.
It is not practical to calculate the exact amount you would earn as it depends on the total hash rate of the network, difficulty and your luck.

An accurate estimate of earnings of the pool can be calculated by observing average daily number of blocks found.

Pool Help

How payouts work?

You might often wonder why you haven’t been paid yet. This is normal and is how the payment cycle is designed to work.

Every 2 hours a master payment check is executed which pays out all dues. If everything goes as planned all dues that exceed the set payment thresholds are paid out.

In case of a wallet lock up or failure, the pool automatically requeues futher checks at 15 minute intervals until all payments are successfully completed. Once everything is paid out the system returns to the 2 hourly master cycle.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact your pool admin.

Payout thresholds?

Payout threshold is the minimum amount that needs to be earned before the pool pays out to your wallet. Since transactions in Monero have a significant miner fees, it’s cost effective to set a higher payout threshold for your pool. The minimum value for this is usually 0.3 XMR.